Troubleshooting User Access


If you are experiencing difficulty logging in to Infobase Learning Cloud, please try the following.

Many schools/districts have customized login URLs, so if you are unsure of the proper login URL to use for your institution, please feel free to ask us at and be sure to include your school or district's name along with your school/district email address so we can identify the proper account and better assist you. If your institution uses a customized login URL for integrated authentication, the forgot password option on our site may not function and no email will be sent; you need to login with your campus/district credentials at the customized URL.

The most common cause of access difficulty is your browser settings. Please note:

  • Make sure that you have 3rd party cookies enabled in your browser, as our site does require 3rd party cookies.
  • If using Safari or iOS, go to Settings, Safari and under privacy ensure "Prevent cross-site tracking" is turned off as well. 
  • It may be beneficial to clear your cache and cookies as this would remove any stuck error messages and allow for a better login experience. When going through the clearing cache process, there is sometimes a step for duration and we ask that you please go back as far as you can. The default on many browsers is for the last hour, which is not far enough back to remove a stuck error message.

If you have confirmed your browser settings as noted here, and cleared your cache and cookies going back as far as possible, and still experience login difficulty, please contact us for further help ( Please include screenshots of any error messages encountered (including the URL bar) as this can aid our troubleshooting.

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