Why doesn't my certificate show the CPE or earned hours?


In order to receive the Completed Learning Modules certificate type, which lists CPE and earned hours details, you must complete all the elements of the course. These may include LearnIt, DoIt, ShareIt, and/or ProveIt components depending on the specific course.

If you have not completed ALL the required elements of a course, a different certificate type may issue and appear in the Accomplishments area until you go back and complete all the course's required elements. Most often, the alternate certificate seen is the Completed Skills Assessment type which issues after completing the ProveIt in certain courses. In the Accomplishments area, the certificate type is noted with text in the dark bar above the certificate tile, but this can be easy to overlook. The certificates themselves have a different appearance.




In addition to these 2 common certificate types, you may also encounter other types of certificates depending on how you and your institution utilize Learning Cloud materials. Please contact us if you have further questions on certificates.

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