Finding a Certificate of Completion


Once you have completed a course/module, your certificate of completion will be issued. The certificate is usually available within 15 minutes of course completion. There are different types of certificates, so if you are completing an Assignment it will be titled as such and be distinct from a regular course certificate.

Find your certificate of completion by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of the site and selecting “Accomplishments.” You must be logged in to do this. From the accomplishments page, you will see all of the certificates you have earned and can email, download, or print them as desired.


If you do not see a certificate you expected, verify that you have completed the entire course/module/assignment, which may include items in the LearnIt, DoIt, ShareIt, and ProveIt tabs. Use the green progress bar or the progress tracking in the description pane to identify if the training has been fully completed or not. Upon completing any missing items, your certificate should generate within 15 minutes.

Please note: if you are using a mobile device, you may be unable to retrieve certificates as the PDF view is not compatible with mobile display. We recommend trying a different device to retrieve certificates if you encounter an issue retrieving from a mobile device.

It may also be necessary to adjust your browser settings. Please note these in particular:

  • Make sure that you have 3rd party cookies enabled in your browser, as our site does require 3rd party cookies.
  • If using Safari or iOS, go to Settings, Safari and under privacy ensure "Prevent cross-site tracking" is turned off as well. 
  • Enable pop-ups.
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