Feature: Badging


Infobase Learning Cloud offers badges through Credly Acclaim on many of the learning pathways within the system. Pathways that offer badges have "Earn Badges" denoted on the pathway overview; the badge icon and claim badge link will be grayed out until earned. In order to earn an available badge, the user must first complete all of the required modules for a pathway.

In the example below, the pathway has seven (7) required modules and one (1) elective module. To earn the badge, a user must complete all seven (7) required modules in their entirety to receive a pathway transcript and unlock the badge.


Within a required module, all parts of the module (which may include items on LearnIt, DoIt, ShareIt, and ProveIt tabs) must be completed. Use the green markings and the completion tracker to help determine how much is left to do.



Once all the required modules in a pathway are completed, the “Claim Badge” option will become active on the pathway overview page. (Notice that the text has changed from grayed out lettering to blue.) Click on “Claim Badge” when ready. A user may come back to a pathway to claim their badge later if wanted. Additionally, the transcript has become available and that button allows a user to view the transcript for that pathway, summarizing their accomplishment details with all the courses listed. The transcript can also be found through "Accomplishments" in the dropdown menu after clicking name in top right.


To access all earned & claimed badges, click on name in top right to open a dropdown menu, choose “Accomplishments,” then click on the “Badges” tab.

If this if a user's first badge, they will use the link to the Credly Acclaim site to create an account and agree to that site's Terms of Service; the account must use the same email as in Infobase Learning Cloud. If an account with Credly Acclaim exists from claiming a previous badge, user will be directed to login.



On Credly, access the badges area by clicking the icon in top right and choosing "Badges" from the dropdown menu.

Once you are an earned badge's detail page, use the "Share" option to promote your badge on social media, LinkedIn, or using other tools that Credly provides.

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