Supported File Types


The Infobase Learning Cloud's Custom Authoring Tool allows users to upload a variety of content. Supported File Types are listed below.

Supported Video File Types

The following Video file types are supported for upload.

Filename Extension

Supported Audio File Types

The following Audio file types are supported for upload.

Filename Extension

Supported Document File Types

Generally, all non-executable file types are supported. Certain executable file types (listed below) are not allowed, since downloading them onto another user's computer may be unsafe or may have unexpected effects.

A safe way to upload a file that would not otherwise be allowed is to put that file inside a ZIP file, and then upload the ZIP file.

Unsupported File Types

The following file types are not allowed:

Filename Extension Description
mdt Access Add-in Data
mda Access Add-in, MDA Access 2 Workgroup
mdb Access Application, MDB Access Database
maw Access Data Access Page
mag Access Diagram Shortcut
maf Access File
mam Access Macro Shortcut
mde Access MDE Database File
mad Access Module Shortcut
adp Access Project
ade Access Project Extension
maq Access Query Shortcut
mar Access Report Shortcut
mas Access Stored Procedures
mat Access Table Shortcut
mav Access View Shortcut
mdz Access Wizard Template
mdw Access Workgroup Information
asp Active Server Page
p10 All keychain Items
pem All keychain Items
pfx All keychain Items
keychain All Keychain Items
p12 All keychain Items
bas BASIC Source Code
bat Batch Processing
csh C Shell Script
cer Certificate File
crt Certificate File
command Command Script File
cmd Command Script File
com Command Script File
scpt Compiled AppleScript
chm Compiled HTML Help
dart DART Disk Image
der DER Encoded X509 Certificate File
plg Developer Studio Build Log
dc42 Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
diskcopy42 Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
xnk Exchange Public Folder Shortcut
app Executable Application
exe Executable File
fxp FoxPro Compiled Source
hta Hypertext Application
ins IIS Internet Communications Settings
isp IIS Internet Service Provider Settings
inf Information or Setup File
mpkg Installer Metapackage
pkg Installer Package
its Internet Document Set, Internet Translation
url Internet locator
js JavaScript Source Code
jse JScript Encoded Script File
mau Media Attachment Unit
pst Microsoft Exchange Address Book File, Outlook Personal Folder File
msc Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
msh2 Microsoft Shell
msh1xml Microsoft Shell
mshxml Microsoft Shell
msh1 Microsoft Shell
msh2xml Microsoft Shell
msh Microsoft Shell
ndif NDIF Disk Image
img NDIF Disk Image
imgpart NDIF Disk Image Segment
ops Office Profile Settings File
pl Perl Script File
prg Program File
reg Registration Information/Key for Windows 95/98, Registry Data File
download Safari download File
webloc Safari Web Location
smi Self-mounting Image
shs Shell Scrap Object File
sh Shell Script
sparseimag Sparse Disk Image
tmp Temporary File/Folder
trm Terminal Script File
udif UIDF Disk Image
ksh UNIX Shell Script
vbe VBScript Encoded Script File
vb VBScript File or Any Visual Basic Source
vbs VBScript Script File, Visual Basic for Applications Script
vsw Visio Workspace File
vsmacros Visual Studio .NET Binary-based Macro Project
pcd Visual Test
cpl Windows Control Panel Extension
scf Windows Explorer Command
hlp Windows Help File
msi Windows Installer File
msp Windows Installer Update
ps2xml Windows PowerShell
ps1xml Windows PowerShell
psc2 Windows PowerShell
ps1 Windows PowerShell
ps2 Windows PowerShell
psc1 Windows PowerShell
pif Windows Program Information File
scr Windows Screen Saver
wsc Windows Script Component
sct Windows Script Component, Foxpro Screen
wsf Windows Script File
ws Windows Script File
wsh Windows Script Host Settings File
mst Windows SDK Setup Transform Script
lnk Windows Shortcut File
shb Windows Shortcut into a Document
prf Windows System File
term Windows Terminal Script File
gadget Windows Vista gadget

Supported SCORM File Types

Filename Extension Description
.zip SCORM

Supported xAPI File Types

Filename Extension Description
.zip xAPI
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