Getting Started Guide


Welcome to Infobase Learning Cloud, an online learning resource with a robust library of modules that provides continuous and in-depth support for ongoing learning.

Finding modules that meet your needs is swift and easy through the following search

• Using 1 or more keywords
• Leveraging advanced filtering to narrow search results
• Sort results by relevance, date, title name



Not sure what you are looking for? Select up to three topics on the home page to help you discover modules that best fit your interests and needs. These include content around Planning, Learning Environment, Instructional Strategies and more.



Take your online learning to the next level using a Pathway, which groups individual, but related modules together to provide a more comprehensive training around a particular topic area.
Click on 'Pathways' in the top navigation bar which takes you to the Pathways home page; you can filter and find a Pathway that is relevant to you. These groupings enable you to work at your own pace and personalize your experience through Learning Cloud's in-depth content.




Below are a few other things you might be interested in on the Learning Cloud platform. These can all be found in the drop down menu under your name. At any time, click the Learning Cloud icon on the top left and you will be brought back to the homepage.


After completing a full module or pathway, and all aspects of the Learning Framework, you can see your hard work shown on your accomplishments page. You are able to print, email or share your certificates, transcripts or badges right from there if needed.


View a summary of what you have completed and what courses you have yet to complete in the reporting section. Check your usage patterns and note your overall time spent watching videos and completing additional tasks.

Check out any assignments that you may have been prescribed from your institution and when they are due. You can launch the assignment, track your progress and easily pick up where you left off, right from here.

View training that your district or campus has integrated into the Learning Cloud platform that are specific to your institution's initiatives or focus areas.

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