D2L LTI 1.3 Adding Content


Please note: The information provided here is intended only to assist with some of the common ways our product can be integrated in this system. Our Help Site is not a comprehensive guide to use of the D2L Brightspace LMS, and our team can only assist with Infobase Learning Cloud integration; we are unable to provide support for any other aspect of D2L's functionality. Screenshots are provided for illustrative purposes but may not exactly match your own system, particularly since navigation elements can vary depending on your version of the platform.

Once you've completed the registration and administrative set-up pieces as outlined in our D2L LTI 1.3 Instructions, the steps here will help guide you in adding content to D2L courses.


1. When in the Content area of your course, click on the Existing Activities drop down menu and click on “Infobase QuickLink.” A new float window will then open.


2. In the new window, use the search box to look for a specific module to include in your course. In the search results, click on the title of the module.
3. Once you’ve clicked on the title of the module, you will then see a list of assets that can be pulled into your course. Click on individual assets, full sections, or use the Select All feature to use the full module. (At least one asset will need to be checked.)

4. Click on the Preview Selections button after you’ve clicked on the appropriate items.

5. A new list will be displayed with the items that you checked in the previous screen. This is a great time to confirm you checked the right items. If all looks good, click on the Add Resources Button.

6. The module should now be added to the bottom of your content list. Using D2L’s drag and drop feature, please feel free to move that to the best place.
7. If you would like to add a grade column for the content, click into that module from your content page and use D2L’s Assessment, Add a Grade Item… feature. Please see below for helpful tips regarding how our tool works with the grade center. Note: The “Assessment, Add a Grade Item” is a feature of D2L, not Infobase, so we will not be covering how that works in these instructions.

GRADING: Please note how our grade center functionality is intended to work. Our tool uses an ‘all or nothing’ set up, in that a user needs to complete everything in the playlist for a grade to populate. Below are three examples of what we would expect to occur in the grade center.

i. If you pull in 10 videos and place 10 points on the assignment. If a user clicks on 9 of the videos, no score will be populated. Once a user clicks on all 10 videos, the full 10 points will then be populated.

ii. If you pull in 10 videos, 1 assessment and place 10 points on the assignment. Same applies, where all videos will need to be opened and the assessment taken before a score is populated. The score populated will be related to the score of the assessment. For example, if a user gets 80% on the assessment, we expect 8 out of 10 in the grade center.

iii. If you pull in 10 videos, 2 assessments and place 10 points on the assignment. Same applies, where all videos will need to be opened and both assessments need to be completed before a score is populated. The score populated will be the average score of the assessments. For example, if a user gets 50% on the first assessment and 70% on the second assessment, the average is 60%, so we would expect 6 out of 10 in the grade center.

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