Moodle LTI 1.3 Instructions


The LTI 1.3 process begins with actions in your Moodle instance, and then you will send details to Infobase Learning Cloud via your Customer Success Manager or ILC Support ( to complete the tool registration.

1.  Log in as an administrator.

2.  Select Site administration from the navigation menu.

3.  Click the Plugins tab.

4.  Under Activity modules, go to Manage tools.

5.  Click configure a tool manually.

6.  Enter the following settings:

  • Tool name: Infobase Learning Cloud
  • Tool URL: 
  • Tool Description: With Infobase Learning Cloud’s LTI Tool, instructors can search Learning Cloud’s online library of professional learning resources and technology training videos from within their LTI-compliant Learning Management System, as well as easily embed links to resources within courses and utilize grade center functions to record and present grades to students. This tool also allows faculty, staff, and students to have direct access to high-quality content from within their existing learning system—saving time, limiting distractions, and enhancing the learning experience.
  • LTI version: LTI 1.3
  • Public key type: Keyset URL
  • Public keyset: 
  • Initiate login url: 
  • Redirection URI(s): 
  • Tool Configuration Usage: Show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool
  • Default launch container: Embed, without blocks
  • Supports Deep Linking (Content-Item Message): checked
  • Content Selection URL: 
  • Services:
    • IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services: Use this service for grade sync and column management
    • IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning: Use this service to retrieve members’ information as per privacy settings
    • Tool Settings: Use this service
  • Privacy:
    • Share launcher’s name with tool: Always
    • Share launchers’ email with tool: Always
    • Accept grades from the tool: As specified in Deep Linking definition of Delegate to teacher

7.  Save changes.

8.  Your new tool now appears in the Manage tools panel.

9.  Find your tool and click the View configuration details icon to display the information to share with Infobase to continue the LTI 1.3 linking process.


10. Once Infobase completes registration based on your shared details, the new LTI 1.3 tool for Learning Cloud should be ready to use.

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