Blackboard Learn LTI 1.3 Base Navigation


If you previously used a Building Block integration and wish to have users access/explore Learning Cloud on their own from Blackboard, install the LTI 1.3 tool as outlined and then proceed with the additional instructions below.

After you have added the new LTI 1.3 tool, it will appear on the LTI Tool Providers page. 

1. From the LTI Tool Providers list, open the tool's menu and select Manage Placements.


2. Select Create Placement.


3. In the Label field, title the tool "Infobase Learning Cloud Base Nav"


4. Add the following description: With the Infobase Learning Cloud’s LTI Tool, your users will have access to high-quality content from within their existing learning system—saving time, limiting distractions, and enhancing the learning experience.


5. In the Handle field, name the handle "ILCBN" and for Availability select Yes to make the placement available.


6. Under Type, select System Tool.


7. Decide whether to launch in new window or not. We recommend checking to launch in new window.


8. Add the Infobase Learning Cloud Favicon (below) or a Learning Cloud logo as the Icon.


9. Add the Target Link URI:


10. Submit. 

11. Return to the main navigation of your Blackboard instance, and select Tools in the left hand navigation. Infobase Learning Cloud should be listed as a tile/link.bp10_bn-ilcfavicon.png


12. Click on the tile/link to explore Infobase Learning Cloud's offerings.



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